Making up missed classes

Because most students pay for a 10 week course up-front, I try to make it possible for you to make up any classes you miss in your course.

This can be done by attending another class in the week (please check with me that there is space) or by coming to Led practice. Make-up classes should be done in the same term that the class was missed.

Yogasana eon the courtyard glass at Phillip island Yoga

Yogasana on the courtyard glass at Phillip island yoga








In unforeseen circumstances, when a lot of classes are missed in a prepaid term (i.e. serious illness), I may calculate the cost of classes that were attended (at the casual  rate), and give you a credit for the remainder in the following term. This credit will be deducted from the payment of the next course. It does not allow you to attend until the credit is consumed without re-enrolling.

Please understand that I am trying to be as fair as possible to you with regards to missed classes. However, I need to also be fair to myself. If you have enrolled in a course, I am holding a place for you in the room. Letting me know your changed circumstances as soon as possible, will lead to the best outcome for both of us.