Before Class

To make sure you are comfortable, it is best not to eat for a couple of hours prior to class.

Wear clothes that are comfortable to move in, but really loose clothing is not always ideal. Leggings, shorts, tracksuits, singlets and t-shirts are great.

Iyengar yoga school courtyard
The courtyard

You don’t need to bring your own yoga mat, but you are welcome to if you prefer.

It is not advisable for women who are menstruating to do some poses, including inversions (poses that turn the body upside down). Therefore, please let me know at the start of class. If you don’t get the chance to tell me privately, I usually ask the group if anyone is not inverting today. This is a chance to raise your hand, remembering that there are a number of reasons that people may not be going upside-down, (like a sore neck), therefore please don’t feel self-conscious about this.

Pregnancy should also be dealt with carefully. Please let me know if you are pregnant. I am very good at keeping a secret if you haven’t announced your pregnancy yet.

Preparing for class at Phillip ilsnad Iyengar yoga
Waiting for class to start

Let me know if you are suffering any illness or injury. Usually there are small modifications that need to be made, but the general class can be followed.

If possible, park on our nature strip, or in our yard. Out of courtesy to the neighbors, we try not to use theirs.